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    From Plans To The Realization
    In order to meet required standarts high importance is paid to the stable running of the processes.
  • About us

       Company "MIXORI" was founded in 2008 as the building company. The company started with production of sand and gravel from the bank of the river Ksani, which was followed by building Concrete Factory in Avchala, Tbilisi. In a very short time MIXORI took the leading place on the market, and the list of clients became rather impressive. Advanced technologies and methods, high tech laboratory, qualified personnel and correct approach of the management became a guarantee of the success. However, manufacturing of building materials was not the only priority of the company. In 2009 we participated in construcion projects and tenders and within 3-4 months gained the important partners and have reached high standarts.
       The companys operating sphere:
    > Construction;
    > Manufacturing of building materials;
       Companys mission is rational use of available resources, thus proper planning and management is of paramount importance. In June 2009 Company started intensive works to archieve all basic requirements ot the international standarts. In January 2010 "MIXORI" was certified by the International Standard Organization (ISO) 9001:2008. In the begging of every year company eleborates annual work plan, and the fact that all the goals set for the time-being are already archieved, indicates to the strength of the company. We continue extending our working area.

  • Services

    • All kind of grounding
    • Reconstruction works
    • steel/concrete building frame assembling
    • Repairing works
    • Interior/Exterior works
    • Organization of territory

       In order to meet required standarts high impotance is paid to the stable running of the processes.
       First step, before starting construction works is preparing of working schedule, defining personnel supply system, quality and safety control measures. Safety is priority for the company. Specially hired Safety Officers are responsible keeping safe working process.
       List of our partners includes the foreign companies as well as the Georgian ones.

    The high-quality concrete factory and automated supply system is the guarantee of high-quality and guaranteed grades of concrete. Concrete price includes delivery of the product. Each concrete mixer before leaving the factory passes through trasnport scales. Our clients are confident not only on the quality of our products, but also on the quantity. The high capacity factory, constant quality assurance, good quality materials are guarantee of concrete quality and uncreasing delivery.

    "MIXORI" extracts sand material on river bank Ksani. River sand differs with high quality and density. The taken material goes under a high pressure hammer, is sorted according to the sizes and washed off. The th clay mainterance in sand is minimized. From the cleared material is made sand and different size gravel. The processing method is dry crushing.

        "MIXORI" is your reliable partner
    > High quality materials
    > Italian factory line
    > Capacity 50 M/H
    > The automated system of control
    > Exact calculation
    > Guaranteed concrete grade
    > Flexible service

  •     Company "MIXORI" provides products delivery to the destination place without any mediator. Every loaded mixer before leaving the factory goes through transportation scales. Together with the invoice weight confirmation report is written. That's why our customer's are sure not only in our products quality but precise wight too.
    Flexible delivery is ensured by:
    > Well organized internal and external communication
    > Newest mixers and trucks
        Every satisfied customer is our victory. In order to define our weak points and make quick reactions on their improvements we periodically organize interviews and also check our customers needs and expectations.
        We have long term targets and our image is twice important for us.

    Quality Control

       Product quality control is a permanent process. This includes control of production on every step. Therefore, we are sure and responsible for the quality of our product.
       In newest gear laboratory company technologists define quality of all components (cement, sand, gravel, and plasticizer) and only after finishing all testing processes is defined conrecte mix formula, which itself ensures grade and quality of the final product.

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    Tbilisi,Khandzteli st. 1, 0117
    Tel: +995 32 65 67 05; Fax: +995 32 65 67 30
    E-mail: info@mixori.com

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